BURO Bangladesh work with water.org in Enhanced Institutional Capacity on WaterCredit program

The irony is that dissemination of water and sanitation is a very slow process to move its journey from the wealthy community to the grassroots which is primarily due to three reasons. First: exposure to knowledge management of the targeted audiences leading to; Second: affordability of the households in respect of available resources: time, money and material leading to; Third: depressing the frame of mind, approach and attitude of the households with all three factors squeezing the behavioral change communication (BCC) among the households. The Water and Sanitation program of BURO is the outcome of customers’ environmental needs, BURO’s response to customers’ demand, and increasing vacuum in the lives and living conditions of the people. The partnership of BURO Bangladesh with Water.org is intended to innovate its existing water and sanitation loan product. To this effect a set of activities are taken to improve the level of the thoughts of customers of BURO Bangladesh.