Remittance Program

Remittance program is aimed at channeling foreign earnings of Bangladeshi expatriates who have been working abroad and sending their earnings to their relatives at home.

BURO Bangladesh has developed partnership relations with Bank Asia Limited, Prime Bank Limited, AB Bank Limited, United Commercial Bank Limited, Mercantile Bank Limited, Citibank N.A and Social Islami Bank Limited. in a view to deliver the remittances to its recipients.

BURO Bangladesh has been selected by DFID and Bangladesh Bank to act as a channel to transfer fund to the recipients from the foreign remitters. The title of the project is “Capacity Building to Enable BURO to provide Remittance Services to Commercial Banks”. The goal of the project is to establish BURO, in collaboration with the community, with a strong positive image among the most productive and efficient bridges between the commercial banks and community in remittance industry. The objective of the project is to enable BURO to deliver remittance delivery and remittance related services to commercial banks. The organization has already set up terminal facilities in all branches in order to channel remittances. The terminal facilities have Electronic Funds Transfer Point-of-Sale and a computer package with internet connectivity. BURO recently completed a IFAD funded project to expand the remittance services to extreme rural areas.

BURO offered a number of renowned and popular remittance products, these mainly are:

1. Western Union

2. Ria

3. IME

4. Merchantrade

5. Xpress Money

6. Placid

7. Prime Exchange

8. AFX Fastremit

9. MoneyGram

10. CBL -Malaysia

11. Al Jadeed

12. Asia Express Exchange

13. Turbo Cash

14. Cash Express