Humanitarian Response Program by BURO Bangladesh

Published on: 16/4/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has left millions of people unemployed in Bangladesh. The poor and low-income people have been suffering the worst. The government has been trying its best to provide food for them since the nationwide lockdown declared. BURO Bangladesh has joined this humanitarian response program spontaneously from its strong sense of social responsibility. It has already launched an emergency food assistance program all over the country for the Covid-19 affected people. 50 thousand poor and low-income families have been selected to receive this assistance worth of BDT 6 crore (60 million). Each family is getting a packet that contains rice (10kg), dal (2kg), cooking oil (1 liter), salt (1kg), potato (5kg), soap (2 pcs), bleaching powder (250gm) and mask (2pcs). BURO Bangladesh has included local government high officials in this program who are making this effort more effective with their sincere presence during the food distribution. The following photos were taken from several spots throughout the country.